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HOT FASHION SWAP! [entries|friends|calendar]
Hot Fashion Item/Clothing Swap!

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[06 Mar 2006|02:16pm]

Welcome to hf_swap!

Things you need to do before you post:

1.) Make sure you've joined the community and been approved.
2.) Read the rules/instructions on the userinfo page, in the "about" section.
3.) Read this ENTIRE POST.

Any questions or anything, please leave a comment on this entry. This is all only just being created, so more information will be posted as it's brainstormed. If you have any ideas for the logistics of this community, or if you think it should just be a regular ol' clothing swap, also, leave a comment.

So I'm diagonals and I'm the secondary mod around these parts. My name is Katie, and I am all about recycled fashion. This is meant to be a fun, friendly forum for fashionistas (holy alliteration!) like ourselves to get rid of things we don't wear and gain a few things we will.

So here's how things are going to work:

1. You take a picture of each item you would like to swap.

2. Using the format provided, make a single post with a subject line titled "MASTER POST" with every item you want to swap.

3. We will make a link to your master post in the userinfo.

4. People will comment on your post if they are interested in any of your items.

5. Check out their post to see if a swap is in order. (NOTE: You are in NO WAY obligated to swap with someone if they don't have anything you want.)

6. Contact the user and figure out how to get your items from point A to point B. Email eachother with your addresses, whatever. (Another NOTE: You pay the shipping when you send your items. Since it is a swap, your swap partner is paying shipping, too. Thus, it's fair.)

7. When you have new items to swap or have old items that are no longer available, edit your "MASTER POST." It might be wise to add this "MASTER POST" to your memories, so it's easily accessable for you to edit.

8. Make a new post that says something along the lines of, "Updated: three shirts and two skirts added, one jacket subtracted." etc, whenever you make a swap and something changes on your "MASTER POST". This way, when someone sees that you've edited your "MASTER POST", they can go to the community userinfo, find your name and click on it, and see your updated items. (One final NOTE: The only posts that should have pictures in them are the master posts.)

9. ENJOY ALL YOUR SWEET NEW CLOTHES (and hopefully, friends)!

FORMAT FOR "MASTER POST": For each photo, please put THIS outline BEFORE the photo in your post... ALL OF IT BEHIND AN LJ CUT (with no spaces, of course). If you need help, let me know!

< b >Brand:< /b >
< b >Bought at:< /b >
< b >Size:< /b >
< b >Materials:< /b >
< b >Reads/Description:< /b >
< b >Reason for swap:< /b >

Let's get swapping!

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